About Medical Marijuana

About Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is medicine for millions of patients around the US. Federal opposition persists in spite of successful medical marijuana programs in several states. States, cities moving to allow medical use by those in need. (http://www.medicalmj.org/)

About Edibles

Edibles are food items made with marijuana, or it’s oils, in them. GGL bakes a variety of cookies, fudge, cupcakes and the always popular brownies but also offers foods as diverse as Italian entrees and pasta sauces. There are also many recipes available for those who wish to try  making their own edibles and for those people GGL also offers butter, oils and tinctures for home cooking.

Eating raw marijuana does very little  since it takes a fair amount of heat to activate its medicinal properties. Before edibles became popular, people simply ground up marijuana and then added it to whatever food they were making. The resulting edible was pretty gritty and tasted strongly of marijuana but if you added enough you would feel the effect.

A far more effective way, and what we do here at GGL when we make our baked goods, is to use what is commonly referred to as “canna butter” or “green butter” in the recipes. Canna butter is regular butter that has been infused with marijuana by slow cooking fresh, clean plant matter in the butter until the THC oils have been transferred from the plant to the butter. The canna butter is then used in place of regular butter in our recipes.

The same process is used to make cooking oils which we use in our signature Italian GGL entrees and sauces. Olive oil, canola oil or vegetable oil can all be infused with the THC oils from marijuana.

Alcohol tinctures are prepared by allowing cannabis bud to soak in very strong alcohol (usually “everclear” or the like) until the the oils have been stripped from the plant and remain in suspension in the liquid. The spent plant matter is then removed and the alcohol is allowed to evaporate until we have a very dense, potent concentrate that can be used either directly under the tongue or in whatever food you like. Generally it’s used to give concentrated doses in candies such as suckers and other hard sugar treats.



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