San Francisco Medical Marijuana Edibles Regulations

Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) Regulations for Preparation of Edible Cannabis Products

1.      No edible cannabis products requiring refrigeration or hot-holding shall be manufactured for sale or distribution at an MCD, due to the potential for food-borne illness. Exemptions may be granted by the San Francisco Department of Public Health on a case-by-case basis. For such exempted edible cannabis products, DPH may require a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan before approving the distribution of such medical cannabis products at MCDs. Such products requiring a HACCP plan may include ice cream and other dairy products.

2.      Baked medicinal products (i.e. brownies, bars, cookies, cakes), tinctures and other non- refrigerated type items are acceptable for manufacture and sale at MCDs.

3.      (Items noted in this section are advisory only, as DPH does not intend to regulate edible cannabis production occurring in one’s home.) Preparation may be completed in a home-type kitchen equipped with a sink available for hand washing (this sink may be a dishwash sink), liquid soap, and paper towels. No other food preparation should take place during the production of edible cannabis products, in order to avoid cross- contamination. During preparation, children and pets should not be in the kitchen/preparation area. Clean and sanitize all utensils, equipment, and food contact surfaces before and after preparation. Equipment and food contact surfaces should be in good, cleanable condition. Ingredient storage areas should be kept clean and vermin-free.

4.      All items shall be individually wrapped at the original point of preparation.

Labeling must include a warning if nuts or other known allergens are used, and must include the total weight (in ounces or grams) of cannabis in the package. A warning that the item is a medication and not a food must be distinctly and clearly legible on the front of the package. The package label must have a warning clearly legible emphasizing that the product is to be kept away from children. The label must also state that the product contains medical cannabis, and must specify the date of manufacture.

For more information about the laws affecting Medical Marijuana Edibles please visit the Edibles List.


About Edibles List

Welcome to The Edibles List – The most comprehensive directory of Medical Marijuana Edibles available. The Edibles List was created by patients who were tired of paying for edibles that weren’t effective for them. We were created by patients who were frustrated by not knowing what and how much medicine were in each edible. Our mission is to: • Drive standardization in the edibles community • Provide information to patients on edibles, including reviews from other patients • Allow edible vendors a free place to post their information and have a presence on the web so that patients can find the right medicine when they need it and where they need it • Help to eliminate the stigma associated with MMJ– it’s medicine! • Give back to charities that provide free medicine to patients with financial need.
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