San Francisco Medical Marijuana Edibles Laws (Part 2)

Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) Regulations for Preparation of Edible Cannabis Products continued:

5.      Packaging that makes the product attractive to children or imitates candy is not allowed. Any edible cannabis product that is made to resemble a typical food product (i.e. brownie, cake) must be in a properly labeled opaque (non see-through) package before it leaves the dispensary. Deliveries must be in properly labeled opaque packages when delivered to the patient.

A.     Photos or images of food are not allowed on edible medical cannabis product labels.

B.      If the edible medical cannabis product is identified on the label using a common food name (i.e. Brownie, Honey, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie, or Green Tea), the phrase “MEDICAL CANNABIS” must be written before the common food name. This phrase must be as easy to read as the common food name (i.e. same font size).

C.      Only generic food names may be used to describe the product. As an example, using “Snickerdoodle” to describe a cinnamon cookie is prohibited.

6.      Individuals conducting the manufacturing or sale of products shall thoroughly wash their hands before commencing production and before handling the finished product. Gloves must be worn when packaging edible cannabis products.

7.      In order to reduce the likelihood of foodborne disease transmission, individuals who are suffering from symptoms associated with acute gastrointestinal illness or are known to be infected with a communicable disease that is transmissible through foodstuffs are prohibited from preparing edible cannabis products until they are free of that illness or disease, or are incapable of transmitting the illness or disease through foodstuffs. Anyone who has sores or cuts on their hands must use gloves when preparing and handling edible cannabis products.

8.      Edible cannabis products for sale or distribution at an MCD must have been prepared by a member of that MCD. No non-member edible cannabis products are allowed for sale or distribution at an MCD.

9.         A patient/caregiver who produces edible cannabis products that are sold at more than one MCD in San Francisco must become a State certified food handler. If more than one person is involved in producing edible cannabis products at one home or facility, only one person needs to be certified. The valid certificate number of the member who has prepared the edible cannabis product must be on record at the MCD where the product is sold or distributed, and a copy of the certificate kept either on-site, or made available during inspections if kept off-site.

10.  Labels must contain:

1.      Manufacture date

2.      The statement “Keep Out Of Reach Of Children”

3.      The statement “For Medical Use Only”

4.      Net weight of cannabis in package

Visit the Edibles List for more information regarding Medical Marijuana Laws.

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