STOP THE FEDS – SIGN THIS PETITION for Medical Marijuana!!!!!

Everyone Sign This Petition & Send it to Everyone You know! We still need over 18,800 signatures to stop the Feds from Shutting down all CA Dispensaries!!/petition/stop-all-current-doj-dea-ondcp-and-irs-attacks-against-medical-cannabis-dispensaries-california/FkSf2Y1w


About Edibles List

Welcome to The Edibles List – The most comprehensive directory of Medical Marijuana Edibles available. The Edibles List was created by patients who were tired of paying for edibles that weren’t effective for them. We were created by patients who were frustrated by not knowing what and how much medicine were in each edible. Our mission is to: • Drive standardization in the edibles community • Provide information to patients on edibles, including reviews from other patients • Allow edible vendors a free place to post their information and have a presence on the web so that patients can find the right medicine when they need it and where they need it • Help to eliminate the stigma associated with MMJ– it’s medicine! • Give back to charities that provide free medicine to patients with financial need.
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